Sunday, 3 July 2011

what can i make for you?

So my friend Roxy asked me to make chicken curry and blog about it so she could make it herself, and then another friend suggested i ask all of you to think of things you'd like to make and ill make them for you and post recipes and pictures. It would kind of be like online cooking classes! So if there's anything you'd really like to make but your not sure how or whatever the reason is send me a message.
-Im going to choose 5 that i like the most.
-I dont have a lot of free time cause i work all the time so il try my best to get through all of them.
-If you can, try not to be too extravagant due to the fact that i'm not super rich, or rich at all.
-And enjoy..i'm exited!


  1. Brilliant! Please make risotto!

  2. Thai prawn curry? - ill pay! :D

  3. Or something from the Le Creuset cookbook? mmmyes

  4. a decadent moist chocolate cake please!!!