Monday, 28 November 2011

My very own peanut coconut curry

On the menu tonight is my very own peanut coconut curry with sticky coriander basmati rice...

You will need...  Basmati rice (1 cup to 5 cups water)
                  fresh coriander finely chopped
                  butternut cubed
                  mange tout sliced diagonally
                  julienne carrots
                  garlic fine chopped
                  ginger fine chopped
                  chillies fine chopped
                  onion diced
                  chicken breasts x2
                  1 can of coconut milk ( i use low fat)
                  hand full of toasted almonds or cashews
                  1 Tbs of peanut butter, smooth or crunchy

To make...
Heat your wok and brown the whole chicken breast only turning once to give colour on each side.
Remove from heat and put aside.
Stir fry your onions until translucent, add ginger and garlic and toss continuously.
Add chillies and wait until you can smell all the flavours coming together.
Add butternut and carrots 
Pour in coconut milk and bring to the boil.
Add mange tout and bring down heat to a simmer. 
Mean while slice the partially cooked chicken breasts and add to the curry.
Stir in the peanut butter.
Its important to season throughout the cooking process, but taste the entire time .
If the curry begins to thicken too much ad a little water.

While the veg and chicken cook in the curry and all the flavours are mingling ,start your rice by pouring 5 cups of water into a pot with a pinch of salt bring to the boil. add the cup of rice and cook for 12 minutes this will make delicious rice!
Once the rice is cooked(test it) strain, rinse, season and stir through the coriander. 

Check that your vegetables are now cooked but still have a bite to them. check the chicken as well. Add the almonds
Dish up and eat up!

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  1. So thats where all my peanut butter went.. haha ;)