Monday, 23 April 2012

Back with some cake for your face!

Been awhile but im back with a little some thing Sal, another chef at work, and i made for our chefs best friends wedding.

A little while ago we were asked to start thinking about a wedding cake that we were going to make together. So we decided on all chocolate. Using only Valrohna chocolate from France we made a three tiered cake, each layer individual and different.

The first layer was a 70% dark chocolate torte with a layer of 45% milk chocolate feuilltine. We then covered this in tempered milk chocolate and then in a ganache buttercream with a dash of Grand Marnier.

The second layer was a base of 45% milk chocolate feuilltine then a hazelnut and chocolate torte and finally milk chocolate ganache all covered in the most amazing ultra shiny dark chocolate glaze.

The third and final layer, which i think might of been my favorite started with milk feuilltine, chocolate hazelnut torte and then white chocolate ganache, covered in tempered milk chocolate.
We then decorated this with hand made chocolate roses made by melting chocolate to 43 degrees and then melting liquid glucose to 43 degrees as well and mixing the two together allowing them to set. What you end with is like a chocolate putty that you can mould into almost anything.

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