Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dinner for five...

After cooking all day at work i often run out of ideas of what to make for if your in the same boat here are five ideas for five nights of the week.....enjoy!

Monday night Beef, thyme and garlic burgers with cream cheese mayo,baby pulm tomatoes, rocket and rustic wedges.

A winter Tuesday night... Chunky veggie and lentil soup with a dollop of spring onion cream cheese and toasted Ciabatta bread.


 Rosemary and garlic marinated
lamb steaks with roasted crushed potatoes,tenderstem broccoli and pan juices for wednesday.

Thursday nights quick baby plum tomato,basil and garlic  pasta with parmasan sprinklings.
American style pancakes with blueberry compote and bulgarian yogurt for a friday night treat..

( pancake recipe by Jamie oliver)

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