Thursday, 19 May 2011

Cakes of all shapes

These are all a little old but oh how i love to bake! Wish i had more time to do it. So here are a few things I've baked, if you'd like anything for a special occasion or just for fun please let me know...
Chocolate orange cupcakes black lemon icing and vanilla lemon with red orange icing, a wedding present from my sister and I to my mom.

Chocolate chunk cupcakes with dark chocolate butter cream and chocolate filigree.(M for Maxine my lovely friend,it was her birthday)

Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate butter cream and spun sugar.

Chocolate chilli cupcakes with meringue clouds from my 21st picnic.
(these were a joint effort by my mom and I)

 Starry Christmas fruit mince pies from last Christmas.

Chocolate genoise sponge cake with chocolate butter cream,chocolate collar and chocolate cigars.

My obsession with anchors led me to make myself an edible one
chocolate chunk sponge cake with orange buttercream

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  1. they look delicious!

    if you like sweet treats...especially chocolate you need to try these: